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Stop Bill SB-1334

Aloha Friends,
Unfortunately, bill SB-1334 passed in the second public hearing on 3/3/21 and is moving on to the next stage. This bill will lift the restrictions on luxury high rise condo development in Kaka'ako Makai transforming it forever. 

If we don't do something about this now, it will be too late for future generations to take a stand. 

Contact your Senator and House Representative. 
Identify yourself as their constituent.
Ask them to oppose SB-1334 and explain why.

Happy calling and please know that you are making a difference! 

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Kaka'ako Makai History Testimony

Check our website and standby for more updates.

A'ohe hana nui Ke alu'ia
Many hands make light the heavy load


Friends of Kewalos


Reasons to Oppose SB-1334 - Testimony should state that you OPPOSE SB-1334 and your reasons why:

  • To protect what little shoreline we have left in Hawaii

  • Kaka'ako Makai public oceanfront land is not the right place to build 400ft tall private residences

  • "Highest and best use" means selling land to the highest bidder 

  • Contaminated soil, sea level rise, tsunami inundation zone 

  • Protect free and clear ocean access


What can you do?     

  • Call your local legislators​ and urge them to vote NO on bill SB-1334

    • Click here to find your legislators (name, phone number and email)

  • Spread the message about calling your local legislators

  • Educate the public on what's happening behind the scenes to Kaka'ako Makai

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