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STOP Residential Development in Kakaako Makai

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In 2006 the State of Hawaii passed a law prohibiting the building of residential buildings on the Makai side of Ala Moana Blvd in Kaka’ako to preserve the coastline in urban Honolulu.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is seeking to grant them a waiver to double the build height to 400 ft from 200 ft. 

OHA is seeking to change the law to lift the current restriction against residential development on parcels under OHAs control to build 400 ft towers or have the  option to sell the land to the highest bidder.
OHA knew there is a law prohibiting the development of residential property in the Kaka'ako Makai area before they took the land deal from the State of Hawaii.

OHA knew the value of the land prior to taking the deal with the hopes of reversing the law to increase the land value by developing residential property and selling to individuals or corporations. 

Selling the land to private developers means the creation of more luxury high rise condos in Kaka'ako. This type of housing is not affordable for local families and is a short sighted goal. 

We are not against generating funds to benefit Native Hawaiians, we are against residential development and sale of Ocean-Front land in Kaka’ako Makai.
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-Stop HB1267 and SB1334 to keep the current law prohibiting residential development Makai of Ala Moana Blvd in the Kaka’ako area and keep the height restriction of 200ft.

-Ocean-front Land is not for sale.

-OHA is a State entity, therefore a public entity. Again public land is not for sale. 

-Once ocean-front land is sold and made private it restricts access to the ocean. 

-Preserve these lands for future generations. Once this land is sold to private entities this land is gone forever. 

Help us fight for the last stretch of ocean front land in Honolulu.

Friends of Kewalos
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