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Save Our Kaka'ako - Stop High Rise Development

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


Unfortuantely, SB 1334 passed again at Wednesday's Hearing. Thank you all who sent in testimony. You may view the 3/3/2021 hearing here. Skip to mark 47.45

Next it goes to the full Senate for vote on March 9, Tuesday. All 25 Senators will be voting that day.

If it passes, it will crossover to the House of Representatives. Then go through the same process of 2 public hearings and then a full House vote.

What we need to do NOW

1. Contact your Senator by phone, email, or personal letter and urge them to vote NO on SB 1334 with a short reason. Speak from the heart. Include your name and address so they know you are from their district. Do this by Monday March 8.

Find your Senator here

Call the Public Access Room 587-0478 with questions.

2. We are pushing our social media campaign to reach as many people as possible. Those of you on Instagram or Facebook please follow friendsofkewalos and help us to build our followers.

2FOK testimony

1FOK testimony


Friends of Kewalos


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