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March 11 Urgent Meeting

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Aloha Friends,

Friends of Kewalos is being a good neighbor by helping the Ala Moana Park gang to save their park from unwanted development.

Please help us spread the word on a very Urgent Informational Meeting coming up to voice concerns regarding the Ala Moana Park Renovations. Second Draft Environmental Impact Statement. (SDEIS)

Public comments are due by March 25.

SAVE OUR PEOPLE’S PARK urgent meeting March 11 @5:30 pm McCoy Pavilion Ala Moana Beach Park See flyer for more info.

FOK will be on the panel of groups to educate and share our comments to the SDEIS:

1. Keep the Makai parking and the small grassy area. The local people enjoy this area. You drive right up and set up your tent for an relaxing day at the Beach. Impact to the local lifestyle.

2. No Dog Park. We are not against dogs, however, dog parks do not belong at a beach park. It should be located at inland parks. In addition, the no animals rule is not enforced now so by adding a new park will on exacerbate the problem. Feces, urine, fleas, and personal injury. Impact: Health and Safety of beachgoers

3. No “world class” playground with Zip lines and commercial activities to replace our open green space. With all the development and congestion just mauka of the park we need balance, and it is imperative to keep as much open green space as we can. Furthermore, the playground by itself is a great idea but it does not belong at a beach park, it should be located inland.   Impact: Take away much needed open green space.

4. What the People want is just improve the existing elements of the park such as showers, restrooms, benches, tables, trees, grass, walkways, lighting, roadways (potholes). etc. Impact: Virtually None

5. Requesting for an official public hearing to give the public a chance to provide input on the new components that were not presented in the previous DEIS’s.

•Sand replenishment of the beach by harvesting it from the surf spots such as Courts, Bomburas, Baby Heleiwas, and Concessions. Impact: This would not only alter the surf spots but also greatly impact the marine life.

•The world class playground described above was not presented before. Impact: Loss of public confidence in the governmental process by skirting the public hearing.

If you cannot attend, please send your comments by March 25 to: Robert Kroning, Director Dept. of Design and Construction

Hope to see your there. Power of the PEOPLE!

Mahalo, Friends of Kewalos PROTECT, PRESERVE, MALAMA

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