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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Friends of Kewalos extends a BIG MAHALO to all of you who had a part in the 11th annual Kewalo Basin Park Clean-up and Fundraiser on June 3, 2018.  We had a terrific turnout again with everyone working hard to “give back” to our beloved park.  It was so good to see more young people come out and even Carissa Moore was there working hard.  We need young people involved to perpetuate the future of Friends of Kewalos.

In addition to the general clean up we beautified the park by cutting back the naupaka, the hau tree and oleander bushes, disinfected the restrooms, washed the tables, cleaned the ash container, and power washed the showers.  The park looked the best its ever been.

We took a group photo with over 200 trash bags lined up in the foreground. The highlight was when we did the legendary  “human chain” where all the participants transported all the bags about 100 feet “hand to hand” to the roll off bin that was donated by Barney’s Roll Off and Mayor Caldwell waived the disposal fee.  This was a perfect example how people working together can accomplish great things.

“Ao’he hana nui Ke alu ‘ia” (Many Hands make light the heavy load)It was a wonderful and very successful grassroots community event!

Special thanks to all our donors and friends:

Blue Planet Surf, Highway Inn, Local Motion, Hawaiian South Shore, Brian Kauhane Surfboards, Scott Slippers, Curtis Tanaka Sounds, Les Mokulehua, Kewalo Basin Park Band, Image IV T-shirts, Brian Shimokawa, Barney’s Roll Off, Stephanie, Darin Isobe,  KUPU, Life 360,Town & Country Surf, Downing HI, Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Honolulu Scuba Company, Morgan Stanley, Hot Yoga Nimitz, Stacy Sueda, Howard Hughes Corp.,Lisa Zane, U. Okada & Co. Ltd., Eric Lee, Castiglione-Caseria Foundation, Randy Komai, Point Panic Bodysurfers, Darryl Kawano, “Straight Outs” lunch crew,Tropical Blends, Wes Lau, Joyce Kamemoto, PAC IOOS, HCDA, Kewalo Harbor Master and crew, Neal Kido Photography, Armstrong Produce, Artist Mark Brown, Makai Surf Magazine, Surf News Network, Morning Glass, Bike Share Hawaii, and Pastor Peter Loui.


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