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Increased Crime At Ala Moana Park

Aloha Friends,

Passing this on from a Friend of Kewalos.

There has been an increase in car break-ins and theft this past week:

1. My son's Toyota truck got broken into at his house in Kalihi. Fortunately, only minor stuff got stolen.

2. My friend M., who surfs at Marine Land, got her car broken into last Friday at Ala Moana around 0930. The thief got into her padlock case but fortunately couldn't get her Toyota started. It cost her big bucks to change her keys and car locks for safety reasons.

3. She later found out from one of her friends that surfs at Ala Moana also had her car stolen several days earlier that was later found by the police around University Avenue.

4. This past Thursday, my friend 'Hard Luck M' stopped this guy in a Black Honda CRV, w/ license plate WBW 066 who had tried to steal her surfboard. She had put it down for just a little while to rinse off in the shower when she turned around and saw her board missing. She looked around and saw this chubby Japanese-mix guy, ~5'8" w/short "crew-cut" black hair who had loaded her board into the CRV. She confronted him, and pulled her board out from his car while "swearing" at him. That's unusual cause she's such a soft spoken friendly Japanee girl, The guy just jumped into his car and drove away. She called the police to report the incident but the police said they couldn't do anything because nothing was taken/stolen. The above 2, 3, and 4 incidents occurred near the Ewa entrance to Ala Moana Park.

5. Today, I ended up parking in the Key Hole area rather than my usual area. Anyway, when I returned to my car, I noticed a wallet near a picnic table where I had put my board to dry out. It looks like someone stole this individual's wallet and discarded it by the picnic table. I checked it and the individual's license and ID was still in there so later turned it into the Police station.

To have all these incidents occurring within several weeks is scary. Everyone needs to be aware and cautious and to protect their valuables.

Good advice, let us all be vigilant.

Take care and be safe.


Friends of Kewalos


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