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Good News! HCR 129 advances

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Aloha Friends,

Good News! HCR 129 Advances

Mahalo for all the testimonies, emails, and phone calls.

The JHL committee passed it with 9 ayes and only one No vote from Rep. Gene Ward.

They passed it with amendments. It is unfortunate that they removed the Kaka'ako Makai Community Planning Advisory Council from the group.

See committee Report

OHA Executive Director, Sylvia Hussey testified that OHA will not participate in this Working Group.

It is very sad that they do not want to come to the table to work things out.

It now goes to the full House vote.

Standby for the date.

I ho’okahi, pu’uwai, ua holo pono”

Through a Shared Vision, we will succeed!


Friends of Kewalos


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