Friends of Kewalos is a non-profit organization formed by and comprised of recreational users of the Kewalo Basin Park area. We are surfers, fishermen, divers, picnickers and runners who use the area daily for exercise, relaxation and social enjoyment. 
Although Kewalo Basin Park is at the heart of our organization, the Friends of Kewalos support network extends beyond the park to those who believe in our mission to Protect, Preserve and Malama this area. 
Kewalo Basin Park, or Kewalos, symbolizes a way of life as many of us have been coming to the park for the better of our lives.
It is a place where lifelong friendships have evolved and everybody knows your name. 


To Protect, Preserve, and Malama Kewalo Basin Park and the surrounding shoreline and ocean, to ensure that the recreational user will continue to have access and the ability to enjoy the area for future generations to come. 

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"Surf with Aloha... It's a feeling that you have for one another. It’s understanding that we are all here to enjoy the surf. We are here to have fun. At the end of the day, we all wanna go in smiling. Because we enjoy the ocean..."